The Gleaning Network of Texas
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The Gleaning Network of Texas

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Who we are...

The Gleaning Network of Texas is a nonprofit, grassroots organization whose goal is to use our state’s existing surplus fresh produce resources to help alleviate hunger and improve nutrition for food-insecure Texans.

The Network brings together growers, volunteers, and service agencies to provide food for the hungry from fruits and vegetables left in the field after the harvest and other unutilized supplies.

Where the produce comes from...

Many growers and food producers have excess produce in their fields that is either plowed under or turned into compost. When the Gleaning Network is able to get gleaners into these fields and orchards, we can pick the excess produce and transport these thousands of pounds of produce to food assistance agencies throughout local areas in Texas.

The Need
The Waste
Hunger in this country is a reality. America, even Texas, is a place of abundance. However…
33 million Americans regularly go without food.
Over 3 million of them are Texans ...the USDA estimates that 20% of all food grown in this country is wasted – because it"s either missed during mechanical harvesting or not commercially marketable.
Women, children, the homeless, the unemployed, and the working poor are all impacted by hunger

With the food that is wasted annually,

Texans could feed all the hungry people in our state.


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